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Bottled Water Delivery Service & Water Coolers

Bottled water delivery in Ashland, KY, Huntington, WV, Portsmouth, OH, and throughout the Tri-State area

Bottled Water Delivery

In addition to our bottle free office water coolers and home reverse osmosis drinking water systems, we deliver clean, refreshing, great tasting Culligan Water to your home or office in the Huntington-Ashland Metropolitan.

Home Water Delivery

Scheduled water delivery in BPA-free bottles. If you are searching for the best home water delivery service in the Tri-State KY, OH, WV area, we deliver Culligan water right to your door.

Office Water Delivery

Keep your employees, guests, clients, patients, or customers hydrated and happy with our office bottled water delivery service.

Portsmouth, Ohio Culligan Water Shop Drive Thru for bottled water, salt, filters, coffee supplies & other water related items

The Culligan Water Shop

Drive Through for salt, water filters, coffee supplies & bottled water in Portsmouth, OH.

Culligan Water Truck for Tri-State WV, OH, KY bottled water delivery, softening, salt, and purification in Ashland, Huntington, Portsmouth, and Surrounding

Bottled Water Delivery in The Huntington-Ashland Metropolitan Area

Culligan of Portsmouth, OH bottled water delivery service for office or home can help you to reduce expenses, while providing a better way to provide drinking water to your employees, guests, clients, customers, patients, friends, and family.  Delivering bottled water to home and office throughout the Tri-State Huntington-Ashland Metropolitan Area.

  • Pure, Clean, Great Tasting Water
  • Reduces Environmental Footprint
  • Water Delivered to Office or Home
  • Hot or Cold Water From The Spigot

Bottled Water Coolers and Water Dispensers For Office & Home

Home and Office water dispensers delivering hot or cold great tasting water.  Culligan provides superior bottled water coolers as well as the delivery service to provide an endless supply of fresh, clean, purified water.


  • Modern Free-Standing Design
  • 3 or 5 Gallon Bottled
  • Bottled Water Delivery Service
  • Easy Installation
Water coolers for the home or office
portsmouth oh bottled water salt sales counter

Drive Thru Bottled Water, Salt, Filters, & Coffee Supplies

Culligan bottled water delivery service is bring great tasting Culligan bottled water to homes and offices throughout the Huntington-Ashland Metropolitan District. If you are in the Portsmouth, Ohio area, the Culligan Water Shop provides drive through sales of the water products you need today. We sell bottled water, salt, filters, & coffee supplies.

  • Drive Thru
  • Friendly Service
  • Instantly Fulfilled Orders
  • Convenient Portsmouth, OH Location

Culligan Office Bottled Water Delivery

Download Bottled Water Delivery Service brochure from Culligan of Portsmouth, Ohio.

Keep your employees, clients, students, patients and customers happy and hydrated with great tasting Culligan drinking water for the office. 


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* One month of bottled water service free – Three 5-gallon bottles and one month standard cooler rental at no charge with minimum sign up of 12 months.