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Water Softener Maintenance Program

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CULLIGAN® PRIVILEGE PROGRAM -Water Softener Maintenance

Enrollment in The Culligan® Privilege Program water softener provides you with complete water softener maintenance, water filter maintenance, reverse osmosis drinking water system maintenance. For just pennies a day you can complete service and protection for your home water conditioning systems.


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is our way of making sure that you always have the best water possible for your family. When you sign up for the Culligan Privilege Program, you’ll never have to worry about cleaning, servicing or maintaining your water system. Instead, your local Culligan Water Expert will be there to keep it running in top condition with regular and reliable service. If we can not repair a system, we will replace it at no additional charge.

With flexible payment options, all with no extra costs or hidden fees, it’s never been easier to enjoy water the way it’s meant to be: clean, safe, and natural.

  • Water Usage
  • Current Water Flow
  • Salt Level
  • Unexpected Water Flow
  • Control Softener Bypass

Smart Home Technology Connected Water Benefits

Benefits of a smart home technology connected water system include savings of time, money, water, and protection from water leaks while traveling. Whether you simply like having the information available or want to take control of your water systems efficiency, Culligan of Portsmouth, Ohio puts the control right at your fingertips. Serving Ohio, Kentucky, & West Virginia in the Huntington-Ashland Metropolitan Area and surrounding with Smart Home Water Technology.

Culligan smart home water system monitoring technoloty